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Health Coach is the fastest growing primary care practice in the nation. We’re a premium healthcare benefit that can help you deliver high-quality healthcare in the way that works best for your company. Whether it’s giving your employees access to our network of existing offices, designing custom on-site wellness centers, or providing 24/7 virtual visits, we focus on delivering a modern, people-centered healthcare experience that employees love.

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Health Coach is in network with major health plans, so your employees’ appointments and procedures are billed through their insurance just like at a typical doctor’s office. You pay a fixed membership fee on behalf of your employees that gives them access to our digital tools and services that make healthcare even more efficient and personalized.

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Technology is at the core of Health Coach. It allows us to center care around our patients (not insurance codes) and to innovate and streamline our services. It helps us coordinate care across offices, keep providers better connected, and provide benefits like automatically searching for generic versions for prescriptions — saving everyone time, money, and effort.


Real life is unpredictable, and getting sick is easy. Health Coach was designed to create a complete, exemplary primary care experience that fits into our patients’ real lives. We offer same-day appointments that start on time, virtual visits 24/7, and calm, conveniently located offices so your employees will actually want to go to the doctor. As your employees’ healthcare homebase, we can provide peace of mind and make it simpler to get — and stay — healthy.